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Propeller Strike / Sudden Stoppage Inspections and Repairs

A propeller strike can cause unknown,Ameritech Aviation - Aircraft Engines, Propellers, Engine Repair and Propeller Repair and Custom Props hidden damage to the propeller, engine, governor, or other components, possibly leading to a catastrophic failure.

Your safety should be the first priority.

Whenever a propeller strike occurs, no matter how minor it appears, there are mandatory inspections in place by all propeller manufacturers to determine the best course of action to follow for your safety, and to remain in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

Some determining factors for required propeller inspections or overhauls following a propeller strike include:

  • Torn, bent or loss of blade tip
  • Excessive tip or radial play in blades
  • Vibration or sporadic operation
  • Loss or drop of RPM in engine

Inspections for overspeed, hydraulic lock, and oil contamination are also available.

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