Aircraft Propellers and Governors
Propeller Service, Repair, Reseals, Prop Strike Repair, Custom Propellers, Metal Alloy, Composite Propellers

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a division of Ameritech Industries, Inc.

The parent company of AMERICAN PROPELLER SERVICE has been recognized as the foremost leader in general aviation for over 47 years. State-of-the-art facilities offer industry key developments that allow more airtime with the highest quality service. AMERITECH’S growing service line and diversified market is the result of outstanding relationships with customers and manufacturers.

Aircraft Propeller and Governor Overhauls, Repairs and Sales
DesignerProp - Custom Airplane Propellers and Propeller Paint Jobs and Schemes

AMERICAN PROPELLER SERVICE offers complete services and support for certified or experimental propellers.

Performance begins at AMERITECH INDUSTRIES - Recognized world wide for performance, quality and reliability.

DesignerProp - Custom Airplane Propellers and Propeller Paint Jobs and Schemes
Aircraft Propeller and Governor Repairs and Sales

AMERICAN PROPELLER offers new and used sales, exchanges, overhaul services and factory warranty support for all leading propeller manufacturers.

In addition to Global Sales and Service, AMERICAN PROPELLER SERVICE offers standard pick-up and delivery in the western United States.

Charter Member of the Worldwide Aircraft Propeller Association since 1990

Member - NBAA
Shipping and Delivery
FAA Certified
FAA Repair Station #NO3R717L
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